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Photomate 2.0 is Now Available for Download!

Today, major updates have been released to Photomate! Please make sure to download the new update available for your app. This new version, Photomate 2.0, includes features that will be unlocked as soon as you upgrade your Checkmate to Build 84. (Checkmate Build 84 CDs will be arriving in your mailbox soon!)

Photomate makes it fast and easy to take photos of your inventory. Your customers can see these photos online, and your salespeople can see these photos in Checkmate.

In Photomate 2.0, you can not only take photos of your parts, but you can also relocate parts and conduct location audits, right from your phone! Access these new features by tapping the new Location Manager button.


RELOCATE: Move Parts to a New Location 

  • RELOCATE mode moves parts from one location to another in your Checkmate database.
  • Use Photomate's built-in barcode scanner to easily scan the part tag and then scan the new location tag. 
  • Tap MOVE to confirm the new location. A note will be added to your Private Part Notes (viewable in Checkmate Sales Pro).

AUDIT: Conduct a Location Audit

  • Use the AUDIT mode check that your parts are physically in the locations that they are saved under in Checkmate. (Many recyclers choose to conduct an audit every six months.)
  • Easily conduct an audit by scanning the location tag, and then scanning all part tags in that location.
  • If a part is scanned that Checkmate does not expect in this location, you have the opportunity to immediately change the part's location or to physically relocate parts back to the original location.
  • When you're finished, view the Audit Summary, which details which parts are correct according to Checkmate (green checkmark), and which are missing (red exclamation point).
  • You can now fix the information for the missing parts, or mark which parts you cannot physically locate.
We're very excited about these new features! You can download the new version of Photomate today, and you can begin using these features as soon as you install Checkmate Build 84. (Your Build 84 CD will arrive soon!)
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Did you know?

Although Photomate does have a built-in barcode scanner that uses your phone's camera, we have found that some users prefer the flexibility of a separate handheld scanner. In this case, we recommend the Honeywell Voyager 1602g Pocket Barcode Scanner, which offers both bluetooth and serial communication, scans both 1D and 2D barcodes, and is supported on both iOS and Android. Click here for more information.

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