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(Smaller) New Features in
Bidmate and Partmate
We recently released $martList, the new Partmate feature that does the hard work for you to answer the question: "What should I inventory?"
But in addition to $martList, we also recently added a handful of other helpful new features to Bidmate and Partmate. Check it out:
  • Account for more Overhead costs when evaluating a vehicle. In your Recycler Options settings, you can now identify the costs of dismantling, pulling from the yard, stocking/retrieval from the warehouse, and prepping for delivery or shipping.
  • Account for parts that you market differently than other parts by setting Projected Sales settings at the part level.
  • Update parts lists and streamline your inventory process with new Default Categories for parts.
  • Customize the vehicle Options easier than ever on the new Options Configuration window.
  • See the full Part Names in the drop-down on the Parts tab. Turn this on by going to the View menu>Display Part Names option.
  • CrashLink Labor data is now used to calculate more precise Dismantle Times or Pull Times, in both Bidmate and Partmate. This incorporates a built-in adjustment for the differences between vehicle models. (This feature is only available if you subscribe to CrashLink Labor Time Calculations).
Learn More!
Want to learn more about how these features work? We have a guide that will walk you through all the details. Click the button below and look for the link called: 
Bidmate/Partmate New Features in 19.0.8722
Go to New Features Guide
When you're inventorying with $martList, if there are valuable parts on this particular vehicle that you don't have on your parts list, $martList puts them at the end of your parts list, marked with ($). (Don't worry, this is just for the current vehicle; no permanent changes are made to the parts list you used to inventory the vehicle.) This alerts you to valuable parts with sales potential that you may not be aware of.  
Tip: If you want to see only the parts that are on the parts list you?re using to inventory the vehicle (and no additional parts that $martList determined were valuable), select the $martList menu>Clear All option. 


  • Video: Restock Parts Immediately After a Return - This video shows you how to immediately restock a part in the Inventory tool after a return in Sales Pro. Watch it here.
  • Video: Print or Email Pick Slips - This video shows you how to print or email pick slips from Sales Pro, on both the Parts tab and the Work Order/ Invoice tab. Watch it here.


  • Webinar Recording: $martList for Partmate: What Should I Inventory? (Recorded November 2021) - This webinar walks through the new Partmate feature, $martList, and how it identifies parts that will lead to profits and makes recommendations for what to inventory. Find it here under What's New.


  • Webinar Recording: Photomate Inventory App Training (Recorded September 2021) - This webinar covers all six function of the Photomate app. Find it here under What's New.
Rocky Mountain Summit & Expo
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  • Roger Schroder - Breakout Education Session
  • Theresa Colbert (moderator) - Recycler's Roundtable 
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