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Volume 08 - Issue 7

New! Custom eBay Templates

Do you take advantage of eBay to sell parts? eBay can supplement your traditional selling methods and online part listings, and it couldn't be easier than creating listings right from within Checkmate! Our eBay solution, Checkmate Listing Manager, boasts these powerful and convenient features:
  • One click lists hundreds of parts, including fitment
  • Drag-and-drop to assign photos to parts in Checkmate, which are then automatically uploaded to eBay
  • Syncs Checkmate and eBay, so a part sold in one program is made unavailable in the other
  • Available even for recyclers who don't use Checkmate inventory management system
In an eBay listing, the bottom section is a free-form description area where you have the opportunity to include more detailed information about the part and your business. Our eBay tool allows you to create customized templates that pull information from Checkmate to create this description for you automatically. Templates must be coded in HTML, which is the standard for web pages.

Don't worry if you don't know the first thing about HTML! Most people don't. But our web designers are happy to help, making a template customized for your business. Here's an example of the standard eBay listing template from our web designers:

Business information, including your logo, contact information, and clickable tabs for Payment, Shipping, etc., appear standard in each of your listings. Information about the specific part and vehicle is automatically pulled from Checkmate when the part listing is uploaded to eBay. When our web designers create a template for you, they do all the work coding the HTML to display your part and business information clearly and attractively, with information from your Checkmate system seamlessly incorporated. All you'll have to do to start using your new template in your listings is to paste your customized code in your eBay tool, and you're ready to go!

A standard eBay template starts at $50 and includes:
  • Your business logo
  • Individual part details
  • Payment information
  • Shipping policies
  • Warranty & Return information
  • Contact information

Want to learn more about having an eBay template designed by Call our main office at 859-344-1925 and ask to speak to our web designers.

Want to learn more about Checkmate and our eBay solution, Checkmate Listing Manager? Contact your sales rep directly or call our main office and ask to speak to your sales rep.

If you are comfortable with HTML and would like more information about creating your own template, see the Creating an eBay Template in Checkmate Workstation guide on our Checkmate Training page.

Here are a few more eBay tips from our Checkmate Support Team:
  • All images associated with the vehicle/part are uploaded to eBay listings, but the main image in Checkmate is the one that will appear as the main image in eBay search results.
  • When you go to File>eBay Template to insert your HTML, there is also a Listing Template tab where you can use certain Title Tags to create your own Listing Titles and Sub Titles with our tags. If you do not specify your own templates for these titles, the automatic title text will be used: <CM_PART> <CM_MODEL> <CM_YEAR_RANGE>
  • If your parts are inventoried in Checkmate with interchange numbers, your eBay listings take advantage of eBay fitment. eBay's fitment system is similar to interchange, and it helps eBay users search for parts that fit their vehicles. Our Checkmate Listing Manager for eBay translates interchange numbers (including Car-Part Interchange Plus) to eBay fitment, making it much easier for eBay users to find your parts.

Did You Know?
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