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Checkmate Enhancements:
Pick Slips and more

By now, we've emailed you to tell you about Checkmate's new Inventory tool, the customizable new Excel Reports, and the simple new way to review your Resolution Parts.
Two auto recyclers working together on a desktop computer.
Those are the biggest new features in the latest Checkmate release! But we also made a handful of slightly-smaller (but still valuable) changes based on customer feedback. Here are some of our favorites:
New Part Colors
When you're looking at a list of parts in Sales Pro or the Inventory tool, Checkmate uses colors to quickly communicate part status to you (like if the part is on a Work Order or Committed on eBay). We're changing the part colors to make it more clear which parts are in which status. To help you while you get used to the new colors, we've created a printable guide that you can cut out and keep at your desk. Click here to open/download the PDF.
Automatic Stock Number Sequencing
You tell Checkmate the "rules" for your stock numbers (like what the prefix should be, and how many characters the stock number should have), and Checkmate will automatically populate the Stock No. field for you when you're adding a vehicle record in the Inventory tool. Learn how to set this up in the Checkmate 2020R6 New Features guide (find that on this page, under "What's New").
Date Code/Cent Field Indicator
Do you use your "cents" on a price to indicate the "last priced" date? Checkmate can now do this for you automatically when you're pricing parts in the Inventory tool, Partmate, or Photomate. Learn how to set this up in the Checkmate 2020R6 New Features guide (find that on this page, under "What's New").
Pick Slip Workflow Enhancements
We made several improvements to Pick Slips:
  • Pick Slips have been redesigned to include more information (including the full part name, interchange description, and AUT info).
  • When you print pick slips, you can now select exactly which parts you want to print pick slips for - you can print pick slips for all parts on the screen, print them for only the parts you select, or print them for all parts on the screen that match a selected part. (Interchange parts will be matched by interchange number, and non-interchange parts will be matched by part code.)
  • Sales Pro has a new Pick Slip tab. This displays the comments that were entered when the pick slips were printed. Use the Find tab's Research section to search for a pick slip number. Your search results will show all parts that were on that pick slip, and the new Pick Slip tab will display the comments.
Animation of Checkmate, illustrating the fields described in the bullet points above.
Learn more about how to print pick slips in the Checkmate 2020R6 New Features Guide (find that on this page, under "What's New").
Learn More
Ready to learn more? In addition to the links above, we think you'll find the following resources to be helpful as you learn what's new in Checkmate 2020R6:
In Checkmate, click a column header to sort the list by that information. This can be particularly helpful when you're reviewing your Resolution Parts - sort by a price field so you can focus on your high-dollar parts first!
Screenshot from Checkmate, with the column headers highlighted.
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