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Tools for Recyclers
Car-Part World Tour:
Albany, NY - September 30


Click here for a printable copy of the ARNE Car-Part World Tour class schedule.

Click here for a printable copy of the full ARNE Convention & Tradeshow schedule.

Customer Setup (8:00am-9:00am)
We strongly encourage you to bring your Windows laptop with you to class. You do not need to have any of our software installed on your laptop to participate - during this time, we will connect participants' computers to our simulation environment, giving you access to the software products we will discuss today.

Checkmate Sales Pro Basics (9:00am-10:30am)
Checkmate Sales Pro is Checkmate, with a completely redesigned interface and workflow for the Find and Sell functions. It's sleek, modern, and intuitive to use, making selling parts faster and easier than ever. This is an interactive session that gives you the opportunity to get your hands on Sales Pro and try it out for yourself.

Checkmate Sales Pro - Advanced (Part 1) (10:45am-12:00pm)
We have just released a major new update to Checkmate Sales Pro, and we're excited to show you what's new! In this session, we will take a deep dive into the latest enhancements.

Checkmate Sales Pro - Advanced (Part 2) (2:00pm-3:30pm)
Including: Advanced Bidmate, Partmate Enhancements, Checkmate Sales Pro Inventory
In this session, we will finish reviewing the latest powerful Checkmate enhancements. We'll also talk about Advanced Bidmate (and how it unlocks extra information and features within Checkmate), the latest enhancements to Partmate (mobile inventory tool), and tricks to maintaining your inventory in Checkmate Sales Pro.

Checkmate Listing Manager for eBay (3:45pm-4:15pm)
Including: Car-Part Interchange Plus, CrashLink
Checkmate Listing Manager for eBay makes it fast and easy to list many of your parts at once on eBay. Discover how you can begin making additional profit by selling parts on eBay that you rarely sell over the counter or to professional buyers. We'll also discuss Car-Part Interchange Plus (our exclusive interchange enhancement option) and CrashLink (OEM-based interchange and pricing information directly from your management system).

Car-Part Mobile Apps (4:15pm-5:00pm)
Including: Photomate 2.0, Core Pricing,, Car Part Pro, MyPartsApp
With Photomate, you can take photos of parts from your mobile device and send them right back to Checkmate (where they'll then be included in your next inventory upload to marketplaces). We can't wait to show you how our tools work together to make your workday more efficient and productive.

We'll also discuss the Core Pricing app, MyPartsApp (a custom mobile app for your business), and the and Car-Part Pro mobile apps (including how to make sure your parts show up on these mobile searches).

For more information call at 859-344-1925

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Call Car-Part at (859) 344-1925. You can also reach us via email for sales assistance or general information.

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