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Tools for Recyclers
Car-Part World Tour:
Monroeville, PA - September 22 & 23


These Car-Part World Tour Training classes are being held during the Pennsylvania Automotive Recycling Trade Society (PARTS) Show!

Friday, September 22, 2017

1:00pm-1:50pm: Checkmate Listing Manager for eBay, Core Pricing, and Car-Part Mobile Apps
In this session, we will give an overview of some of our most popular features!
  • Checkmate Listing Manager for eBay: This tool allows you to list many parts on eBay at once, with just the click of a button. eBay gives you the opportunity to sell parts that may not sell frequently in your yard. It's fast and easy because our eBay tool automatically pulls detailed information and images from your inventory management system and creates the listing for you!
  • Core Pricing: This exciting tool that helps recyclers make better business decisions during the dismantling process by quickly determining which parts they want to sell as cores.
  • Car-Part Mobile Apps: We offer many mobile apps to help you work more efficiently and sell parts to more buyers. Let us show you how powerful your smartphone can be!

2:00pm-2:50pm: Photomate, Partmate Enhancements, Bidmate Enhancements
In this fast-paced session, we'll talk about 3 of our most popular programs: Photomate, Partmate, and Bidmate
  • Photomate: In today's world, customers do a lot of their browsing and shopping online, and are attracted to products that have photos. With Photomate, you can make sure you're drawing these customers in to your online listings with part photos. Photomate is a mobile app that works with Checkmate to help you easily take photos of your parts and add these parts to your inventory management system, and online part listings on all Car-Part marketplaces even in eBay listings!
  • Partmate and Bidmate: Version 18 was just released, and we have some great new features to show you! You'll quickly learn how to resize the window to fit your device's screen. We'll also talk about the powerful new Bidmate markets, and how to configure your settings so that the Car-Part data in your Bidmate and Partmate system is most relevant to your business, and to the specific part you're evaluating.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

9:30am-10:20am: Checkmate Sales Pro
Checkmate Sales Pro is the completely redesigned, modern and intuitive interface for Checkmate's Find and Sell process. It was designed with speed in mind. Confirm in a glance that your customer is in good standing, thanks to the "thumbs up" icon on the search screen. Find and sell an unlimited number of parts at one time. See part images alongside your search results. Navigate through your workflow with your mouse or with your keyboard - however you feel comfortable. We'll show you some of the most popular features, and talk about how to get more information if you're interested in a demonstration or in-depth training.

10:30am-11:20am: Build 83 Enhancements in Checkmates Sales Pro
We've just released a major new update to Checkmate Sales Pro! If you're already a Sales Pro user, this session will show you the brand-new changes and features that will make your work day even better and easier. In Build 83, you can:
  • Include alternative parts on work orders
  • Link one billing account to multiple shipping accounts
  • Collect more payment information from your customer
  • Select a delivery route from a work order or invoice
  • Add multiple parts to the tag queue at once
  • and more!

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